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We are prepared to give you a premium service in the elegant Lian Hotel with an astonishing view to the Holy Shrine

Lian complex has a direct view and is only 300 meters from the Holy Shrine of Imam Reza (PBUH). Luxurious hotel, 4 floor shopping center and equipped parking are the main components of Lian complex. The accommodation section consists of 10 floors in 2 towers (east,west) connects two separate blocks by a skybridge, including 126 rooms, equipped laundry, pool complex & spa, coffee shop and roof garden. The parking of the complex is designed to comfort and give a better service to the guests

Lian Hotel Manager

Hotel Facilities

Rooms and Suites

Including double, twin, one bedroom apartment and two bedroom apartment equipped with luxurious services such as Building Management System (BMS), Internet Protocol Television(IPTV), high speed internet, bathtub, Jacuzzi, 24/7 room service and other services needed for a memorable stay.

Roof Garden Coffee Shop

In a fresh environment with a magnificent view to the Holy Shrine, you can have the best cold and hot drinks of the greatest brands.

Pool and SPA

In two separate floors consists of an adult pool, a children's pool,dry sauna ,steam sauna, cold water pond , Jacuzzi ,massage salon, gym and an exclusive coffee shop.

Features of Lian Hotel

Near to the Holy Shrine

Lian Hotel with a short distance to the Holy Shrine less than three hundred meters makes it one of the closest hotels to the Holy Shrine in Mashhad.

Luxurious Restaurants

Having beautiful restaurants and professional chefs, we are well prepared to provide you an unforgettable experience.

Near to Shopping Centers

Lian Hotel distance is very close to shopping centers and markets.

Protocols of Health

Lian Hotel follows COVID-19 protocols, according to the instructions of Ministry of health to assure the safety of guests as well as the staff.

24/7 Room Service

Restaurants and coffee shop of Lian Hotel are ready to give 24 hours service everyday.

Wide Coverage of Internet

All spaces and hotel rooms in Lian Hotel have easy access to WiFi, connecting you to a high speed internet.


Rooms and Suites


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